Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh My Rockness gives some Tips!

On this rainy, migraine-y day, I am pretty amused by a sassy and sarcastic Concert Etiquette list by none other than Oh My Rockness. How do you think it compares to my list?

Show Etiquette Tips from Oh My Rockness
1.) When a band says from the stage, "How's everyone doing tonight?" - tell them. "Actually, not so great, Thurston. I'm a little distracted by how much I just spent on this domestic beer in a plastic cup. Annnnnnd, the hemorrhoids are back. But we all sorta saw that one coming, am I right?"

2.) If you're a really tall individual and are standing right up front; congratulations! You are statistically more likely to be a "CEO type" than people of average or below average height. Heck, we could even be staring at the back of the next President of the gosh darn USA! How neat would that be?!
3.) Between sets, it's polite to pitch in and help the next band with their set-up. If you don't know where to plug something in, just find the nearest hole. Also, all those levels on all those gadgets they have? Two words: ADJUST THEM.
4.) On the guest list? It's only respectful to notify the venue at least 48 hours in advance of the show so they can print out a giant banner in your honor and string it up behind the drums (i.e. "the skins"). And don't you worry; they won't forget the ice cream cake.
5.) When you hear good music with a good beat, do you like to move your big hair rhythmically? It's common courtesy to first remove your shoes, go to the bar, fill them both with rum, then give one of each to the neighbors directly in front of you and behind.
6.) Your cell phone sure is a fun gadget, isn't it? Seriously, who even thought of all that neat stuff?! And it takes pictures too?! Amazing! Just remember though; indoor shows can get pretty darn dark. If you want to take great looking pics with your cell phone at a show, you may want to consider bringing along an extra set of lights and their respective riggings. Ask the venue for a few ladders to borrow too. Also, don't over think things like what you choose to "shoot." Take pics constantly throughout the entire evening and you'll fix it "in post" later.
7.) When in doubt - sit down

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