Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspiration: Urban Fantasy.

Artists and designers often use inspiration boards to help them conceptualize and create something new, but I think writers can too! And while I may not be a visual artist in any conventional sense, there are certain aesthetics, colors, images, objects, and people to which/whom I am fiercely attracted, and from which I find personal "artistic" inspiration. Every now and then, I will compile these in a themed blog post. For now, let's take a dip into Gotham City...

Batman overlooks Gotham City
Promotional art for Batman #608 (Oct. 2002, second printing)
Pencils by Jim Lee and inks by Scott Williams
as Patti Smith awaits the train,
Patti Smith on platform in the 68th Street/Lexington Ave, subway station, New York City, 1971
Image by © Gerard Malanga
encountering this man inside,
who watches a girl dance on the platform

while another girl dances on the fire escape,
above two gems by Dane Shitagi
dreaming up a new Batman and Robin.
Nico and Andy Warhol pose as Batman and Robin for Esquire in 1967

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