Saturday, April 23, 2011

Union Square & the Bobs

Maybe it's just because we're such good friends, but Skater Bob cracks me up. In case you are confused, there are two Bobs and they are friends: Skater Bob and Normal Bob.  I will actually be featuring an interview with Skater Bob some time in the near future. Both Bobs appeared in The New York Times Metropolitan section just last year. For those fantastic articles...

click here for Skater Bob -- "A Letter Writer Whom Editors Enjoy"
click here for Normal Bob -- "Chronicling Oddballs in Union Square"

Now, as often happens in Union Square, Normal Bob films Skater Bob, and something bizarre goes down that pretty much only occurs in NYC. The two of them have a propensity for seeking out some of the strangest "amazing strangers" this city has to offer. But, this video presents just a little slice of good ol' Union Square. Nothing fancy, just a normal day for the regulars who "run the park."

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