Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Song: "Hanging On" by Active Child

I love Active Child's EP from 2010, titled Curtis Lane. Those five songs sound like they've been exhumed from the soil of another day and time, or perhaps another galaxy. It blends familiar terrain (a chilled out Tears for Fears) with new landscapes, perhaps owing to the fact that its brainchild, Pat Grossi, is a classical harpist, ex-choirboy with a ghostly falsetto, and chronic bedroom music-maker. Slinky and glazed, his songs glide effortlessly through synths, beats, and loops. Now, LA-native Grossi is set to release his first LP, You Are All I See, at summer's end. But before then, you can listen to one of the album's tracks, "Hanging On," over at Stereogum. I cannot get enough of it!

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