Monday, July 11, 2011

A Good Night.

In NYC, you know it's been a good night when... catch an awesome show that kinda blows your mind into bits, preferably in a place where the ceiling is  falling apart and bathrooms are heavily stickered....
(ps, that's a photo of grandchildren at death by audio, taken by me) spill onto the street and it sounds like you're underwater despite having worn ear plugs; there's a glorious buzzing in your head, your legs ache, you feel thirsty and giddily delirious, and your eyes make these little spirals..... hear some bo-jangly music on the L platform, which is utterly crowded in a good way, and you spot some people wearing very odd things on your journey home.....(coming upon a non-gypsy cab in a remote part of Brooklyn is also a plus!)
(photo courtesy of gothamist pop onto line at Mamoun's and buy a falafel sandwich for $2.50, which you shove into your face as soon as possible, tahini dribbling down your chin..... home, you kick off your shoes, wash your hands, leave on your wristband or sticker or stamp, and are lucky enough to find Diane Bish's The Joy of Music on one of the many NYC public access channels. Watch her pound that organ with her poofy hair before you plummet into snoozeville....zzzzz.


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