Friday, July 22, 2011

New Music Video: "Wandering Mind" by 100 Monkeys

Speaking of 100 Monkeys, they have a new music video for a new track on their new album. The track is "Wandering Mind," the album is Liquid Zoo, and the video is directed by William Schmidt. Short, sweet, and simple in its delivery, the song is instantly catchy, evoking an old school rock n' roll charm (early Who, for example) and merging it with a more modern sensibility (especially when it dips into some deeper vocals). The video perfectly captures the song's spirit as well as lyrics, and Ben Johnson's vocals have never been better. My only small qualm is the recording --- in my opinion, it needs just a few more layers, a more raucous backdrop, though the bongos shine through nicely. Mine is a wandering mind...for real. 

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