Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Kurt.

February 20th simply cannot pass by without my acknowledgement that it's Kurt Cobain's birthday. While in recent years I've been a lot more low-key about everything Kurt related, there was a time when I took his birthday and deathday fairly seriously, in my own little way. Mostly just by listening to his music...but that's a story for April 5. Today, Kurt would be forty-four years old. I wonder what he would think of this world we're living in.

Candid part of a really great interview:

And a really awesome performance of "Dive" from 1993. This was on a video I had in high school, maybe Live! Tonight! Sold Out!, and I used a clip of it in my senior-year documentary about "Crossdressing in Movies and Music." I don't think Sister Mary Alice approved.

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