Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It only makes sense that David Bowie's offspring would shake up the arts world in one way or another. As a filmmaker, Duncan Jones was up for 7 British Independent film awards and rightfully won 2, all for a small, science-fiction, claustrophobic masterpiece called Moon. The film basically has two main characters: Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, and Kevin Spacey lends his voice to Sam's robot companion, who expresses himself with emoticon faces. Sam is nearing the end of his stint working in a station on the Moon and he cannot wait to return home to Earth. But strange things start happening,  and Sam must confront the terrible reality of his situation before finding a way to escape. The isolation of the setting and its isolation of our main character create a beautiful minimalism, which makes the film seem like a perfectly crafted short-story, brought to life. It's a truly refreshing testament to the art of story-telling, and even calls to mind THX 1138, Alien, and other influential films, all of which did indeed inspire Jones. He hopes to make more films in the Moon series, and I hope he does too. Only I wish he still went by Zowie Bowie!

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