Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dirty Napkin

In another effort to shameless self-promote and also share my creative writing, I would like to call your attention to the current issue of The Dirty Napkin, a remarkable online literary journal. The magazine "strives to capture art in its greatest sense of urgency," and does so by selecting  exquisite prose and poetry that carry both weight and lightness. The site publishes new work in every volume, as well as audio recordings.

Their mission is: To create an active community of exceptional writers...We believe that writing cannot be separated from the voice, breath, and personality of the author. Further, we feel that if a piece of writing is separated from this literal voice much power is lost. Therefore, we seek to include this voice by providing recordings of each author reading their work.

I am honored to have my work currently featured on the cover. As part of the "dirty napkin" theme, which comes from the idea that sometimes art and thought is so urgent that one must grab the nearest napkin to start writing, I was asked to write as much as I could fit of my piece on a napkin. After doing this, I mailed it  and they arranged, photographed, and featured it amongst other "dirty napkins." Mine is the blue napkin;  give it a glance!

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