Tuesday, March 1, 2011

illuminated destruction

What is this...shameless self-promotion? Well, I do my part to promote bands and artists I know and adore (or don't know and adore), so I might as well promote my own work sometimes. Fringe is an awesome indie lit journal, with a killer manifesto. Here's what they have to say about literature:

We think literature is a place to safely explore controversial and unpleasant topics and unfamiliar points of view. Our special mission is to diversify the existing literary community, both aesthetically and demographically: We aspire to publish styles and genres that other journals eschew and we take particular pleasure in publishing voices that are not often included in the canon.

We worry about the state of modern literature. We worry that it’s too realist, monolithic, corporate, print-bound and locked in its own bubble.

That’s why we founded Fringe. Fringe is the noun that verbs your world. We publish work that is political or experimental in form or content and define both “political” and “experimental” broadly. “Political” can mean work that incorporates or comments on current events or it can mean literature and art that further personal dignity and advocate human rights. We regard “experimental” work as work that breaks with the canon, takes formal risks, or explores a strange or impossible point of view.

Enter my little story, which, much to my excitement, they decided to publish. They even had me write a blog post discussing the story, and why I wrote it (clicky here). Check it out, and let me know what you think!
illuminated destruction

…this couch is not the kind you’d want to fall asleep on. it looks like a giant band-aid, curing something self-inflicted.

max and i know, without knowing, each other. he is a bruise; a few shades darker than me and geometrically misshapen. i am a rat and he is the flashlight. i am the clap-clap-clap and he is the echoing microphone. i am in mono and he’s the distortion, cramming the room.

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