Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Song: "Communal Blood"

Having just performed new tracks at this year's SXSW, the Texas natives This Will Destroy You prepare to release Tunnel Blanket on Suicide Squeeze Records on May 10. Following up their 2008 debut, Tunnel Blanket will invariably present more of their high-tension post-rock that occasionally borders on cinematic.
Here's what the PR folk have to say about the forthcoming album: Tunnel Blanket delivers the epic-in-scope soundscapes that followers of its makers’ previous recordings are accustomed to, but presents them in new lights – where once the sun shone down bright upon immediate tropes and traits, now their work is better suited to distant starlight, casting changeable shadows across vistas of inspired, ambitious ampliļ¬cation. This is not an album to pick through in search of bold hooks and instant melodies. It is an ever-shifting, always moving work, which seems to evolve before the listener – spidery guitar lines feeling their way forth like vines scrambling up trunks in time-lapse photography.

An album, surely, that must be experienced from start to finish. Truth be told, I love writing to these types of albums and these types of bands; I find that their music perfectly encapsulates emotions and visuals without lyrics or other obvious devices to point you toward any one "meaning." The songs are long, orchestral, timeless, and they ebb and flow organically, but without any sort of "jamming" situation. Everything here is planned, and everything seems on purpose. 

The absolutely brilliant third track, "Communal Blood," off Tunnel Blanket, is now available to hear. I suggest sitting in the dark with a candle burning. I suggest you do nothing else but listen, as the song  slowly, almost violently builds.  

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