Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Band: Yuck

All Impose Magazine's review had to say about the new album by Yuck is: "How much is Yuck paying Pavement for copyright infringement?" Seriously, that's it. I think the band deserves a little more credit than that! Hailing from north London, they're touring Europe and then coming state-side to play their tunes at SxSW and beyond. While I haven't yet listened to the album in full, I have been grooving to their songs, which sound delightfully '90s, or like a slightly poppier and even more lo-fi Sonic Youth. "Holing Out" is like a grittier version of an old Foo Fighters song, with a catchy melody that keeps you afloat even when the vocals get all muffled. "Rubber" also places the vocals secondary to very rough guitars, but the cacophony commands attention for seven whiole minutes. Then you've got "Suicide Policeman:" simpler, quieter, and actually very sweet. "Weakend" takes a vastly different approach, with a sense of longing in the guitar and vocals, which benefit from some reverb. "Automatic" is also quite hushed in a stripped-down fashion, with a piano to accompany even more woeful vocals. Something about these songs and Yuck in general sounds achingly familiar, like finding the perfect cassette in a record store during the earlier days of indie rock. And yeah, maybe they're influenced by Pavement, but honestly, I'd rather listen to Yuck.

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